Virtual Feis FAQ



When recording my video for submission, can I listen to the accompaniment through headphones?

No, the accompaniment must be heard also.


For my repertoire competition, can I record each piece separately?

In principle, we want to retain competition conditions as far as possible, so the full performance would be played in one take.  However, If this is not possible, you can record pieces separately but they must be added together so that we receive only one file.


Should I introduce my repertoire?

No, just say your name and the name of your competition. The adjudicator will have a list of all repertoire, which will also be listed in the online and printed Programme.


I forgot to introduce myself – what can I do?

If you are not in a position to re-record your video, you can add titles at the start – your name and competition name. Please advise us of this at


Do rules about timings apply?

Yes, please see the Syllabus for information on timing for your competition. Programmes are timed from the first note to the last, allowing for brief pauses in between pieces.  Please treat this as you would in the usual competition setting.


I can’t get together with other members of my ensemble to record, what should I do?

Composite videos are acceptable.


When will I receive my accompanist recording for my set piece?

These will be available in the competitor portal at on 26th February.

Video submissions will not be requested before 10th March, giving a minimum of 12 days practice with the accompaniment.


I don’t have access to a recorded accompaniment for my own choice piece, what should I do?

Contact us at and we will help to put you in touch with an accompanist who will provide a recording.


When will I know my video submission deadline?

This date will be made known to you via the competitor portal by end February. It will also be available to view on


When will my competition be online?

The full schedule of the Feis will be published on at the end of February.


Who can view my video?

Any member of the public may log on to and view all the videos uploaded for that day’s competitions. Only audio will be available in the case of  junior competitions.