Lieder Prize

Syllabus ID: 3.04

Competition: For Lieder performance.

Test Pieces 2018

Three songs from the Lieder repertoire, no more than two songs by any one composer. Songs to be sung in German to an original German text. 

NB: From 2017 Mahler repertoire may be included. There will be no recalls.

Competitors must provide their own accompanist.

There is also a €300 award (presented anonymously) for the best performance of a Mahler song, provided a minimum of 85 marks has been achieved.


Entrance Fees: €50.00

Date: 21 March 2018

Time: 11.00am & 2.00pm

Venue: St. Mary's Church Hall

Adjudicator: Ingrid Surgenor

1st Prize: Silver Rose Bowl, presented by the late Jean Nolan and the Cait Lanigan-Cooper Award of €300

2nd Prize: Miniature silver replica of the Rose Bowl, presented by Mrs Molly Reynolds, tenable for one year and the Cait Lanigan-Cooper Award of €100.

Entries to Feis Ceoil 2018 are now closed.

Feis Ceoil 2018