Closing date for entries to Feis Ceoil 2024 - Friday 15th December 2023 at 5.30pm. Closing date for entry to composition competitions - Friday 12th January 2024


1. Competitions are open to all persons of Irish birth, those having at lease one Irish parent, and to all bona fide residents in Ireland for the period of 2 consecutive years, immediately prior to the 1st of  January in the year of the competition. In the case of Junior Competitions, the bona fide residency requirement for competitors is one year immediately prior to the 1st of January in the year of the competition. Choral, vocal ensemble, orchestra and chamber music competitions are exempt from this regulation. (NB: please also note Rule 48).
2. A person may not enter more than once in any competition in the same year unless specifically provided for under the details of the competition.
3. A person may not enter both Senior and Junior Solo Vocal classes or Senior and Junior Solo classes on the same instrument.
4 In Junior Competitions, (either Solo or Duets, Vocal or Instrumental), competitors may not enter for more than one age division in the same category.
5. Entries must be made either online on the official entry form (photocopies accepted) and in accordance with the instructions thereon.
6. Entry forms for postal entries are available on request from  Entry fees must accompany completed forms. Entry fees will not be refunded unless a competition does not take place.
8. Entries must be in accordance with regulations. Validity of an entry is the responsibility of the entrant.
9. Any objection for noncompliance with any Regulation(s) must be sent to the CEO  in writing, within 48 hours of the competition(s) in question.
10. Any breach in the Regulations will render competitors liable to disqualification and forfeiture of any relevant prize awarded to them.


11. All cups/trophies will be tenable for one year. Medals are the property of the winners.
12. First prizewinners in the Senior Solo Medal Competitions (nominated below) are not eligible to compete in the same competition in subsequent years.
Senior Instrumental:
Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Classical Guitar, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone, Recorder, Descant and Treble, French Horn, Trumpet/Cornet, Trombone, Tuba/Bass, Euphonium/Baritone, E Flat Horn and E Flat Soprano Cornet.
Senior Vocal:
Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Fir and Mná competitions.
13. In any competition where a cup/trophy is won three years in succession by the same competitor(s), the winner(s) will be presented with a miniature and the cup/trophy will remain the property of the Feis Ceoil Association.
14. In all junior solo competitions first prizewinners, whether cup or medal winners, will be ineligible to compete in the same competition in subsequent years.
15. The winner of a cup/trophy will be responsible for its care, maintenance and security whilst in his/her charge and must ensure that it is returned promptly in good and clean condition when instructed to do so by the Feis Ceoil Office.
16. Prizewinners will be expected to perform at a Prizewinners' Concert if invited by the Board of Directors.



17. The order in which competitors perform shall be arranged by ballot. Ballot information stating the precise time, date and venue at which competitors must present themselves will be emailed as soon as available to the competitor and/or to his/her teacher.
18. Competitors who do not present themselves to perform at the balloted time will be disqualified. Changes in the officially allotted time may he made only with permission from the Feis Ceoil Office. Such a change will be allowed only in cases of genuine difficulty, proof of which must be provided in writing, when requested.



19. The minimum age for competitors is 7 years. Competitors must provide proof of age if required by the Board of Directors.
20. Ages shall be reckoned from 1 January in the year of the Competition.



21. Test pieces may be heard in entirety or in part at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
22. Competitors may use any edition of the test piece set, except where a particular arrangement is specified. Editions, if quoted in the Syllabus, are given for identification purposes only and are not mandatory.
23. A competitor may not perform the same piece or pieces in two different competitions (including Bursaries and Scholarships) at the current Feis except where specific conditions permit.
24. In all Vocal Medal Classes (Senior: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass; Junior: Boys' Solo A, B, Girls' Solo A, B, C, D) English words must be sung. In the National Section Competitions (Fir, Mná,Junior Buachaillí­, Cailí­ní­ A and B). Irish words must be sung.
25. In all cases of 'Own Choice' selection the title and composer of the piece(s) chosen must be given on the entry form and no alteration to the piece(s) chosen may subsequently be made except in the case of Orchestras and (subject to prior approval by the Board of Directors.)
26. A legible copy of each Own Choice piece, in staff notation, must be provided for both adjudicator and accompanist unless tonic solfa is specifically permitted under the details of the competition. Failure to supply music will result in disqualification. Competitors' attention is drawn to the Laws on Copyright which prohibit the unauthorised photocopying of music. The Feis Ceoil assumes that anybody using photocopies has the permission of the publisher to do so. In all Vocal Medal competitions, (as defined in Rule 24) competitors who are recalled will require two copies of Own Choice song.
27. If competitors transpose a test piece, or key is unspecified, they must bring with them, for the accompanist and adjudicator, legible copies of the music in the key in which they will perform.
28. A song or piece with which a competitor(s) has won a competition may not, in any subsequent year, be performed in that competition by the same competitor(s).
29. The term 'Contemporary' means 'written after 1 January 1975'.



30. The minimum standard for award of first prize must be 85%, and 80% for second prize.
31. Commendation Certificates will be awarded as recommended by the adjudicator. These may be had on application to the Feis Office,
32. In the event of a single entry being received the entrant may perform and if, in the opinion of the Adjudicator, the performance has reached the necessary standard, the appropriate prize shall be duly awarded.
33. The Adjudicators' remarks and marks may be obtained by competitors immediately after the competition or subsequently from the Feis Ceoil Office.



34. Where there is a test piece prescribed, competitors must use the official accompanist provided, with the exception of Senior String, Senior Wind, Senior Brass Competitions and Geoghegan and O'Mara cups.
35. For Choral and Ensemble test pieces competitors must provide their own accompanists, except in the following competitions: Junior Vocal Duets A and B.



36. Choirs and orchestras must have been organised at least three months previous to the competition and must be based on the island of Ireland. Conductors or secretaries must, if required, furnish proof of such organisation. A full list of the members, a copy of the Rules and Regulations of their Choir or Orchestra and confirmation that all members have complied with such rules and are bona fide, may be requested.
37. Conductors or secretaries must, if required, certify that no member is in receipt of remuneration for his/her services in respect of the competition.
38. Competitors may compete only once in the same choral or orchestral competition in any year.
39. Conductors must not sing with their Choirs. Teachers may conduct but not perform with their Orchestras.
40. The Conductor's name and the name and address of the Secretary or other person responsible for the attendance of the Choir or Orchestra and for the custody of any prize that may be awarded must be stated on the entry form.
41. Sufficient adult supervisors are required to monitor the behaviour of choirs and orchestras. Ratio 1:12



42. The accompanying instrument for all vocal competitions shall be piano.
43. Alteration to, or preparation of the piano is not permitted in any competition.
44. In all cases pertaining to competition results, the decision of the Adjudicator shall be final (within the rules of the competition) and no discussion/disputes shall be entered into. 
While we understand that competitions can be stressful for competitors and their families, if an Adjudicator is approached in an abusive, offensive or aggressive manner, such unacceptable behaviour shall result in disqualification of the competitor(s) involved from Feis Ceoil competitions for a period of up to two years.
Additionally, Feis Ceoil reserves the right to prohibit the person/people involved from attending Feis Ceoil competitions into the future. Please also see Rule 44(a) below.
44 (a). We aim to ensure that all Adjudicators carry out their duties professionally and with integrity, in accordance with the standards and values of Feis Ceoil.
Please be aware that it is not permitted for anyone (including competitors, parents, guardians, teachers, or others) to attempt to influence an Adjudicator’s decision(s) on behalf of any competitor(s).
Any such conduct, e.g. contacting adjudicators in advance of the Feis, offering gifts etc., as identified by Feis Ceoil, shall be considered an attempt to influence an Adjudicator and shall result in disqualification of the competitor(s) in question and forfeiture of any prizes/awards.  Attention is also drawn to Rule 44 above.
45. Active mobile phones, watch alarms, videos, cameras or tape recorders are prohibited in the Halls during competitions.
46. Elimination competitions may be held in all solo classes. Advance notice of such competitions will be given.
47. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.
48. Cups/trophies may not be taken out of the country. 


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