Huban Cup and Patrick Brennan €1,000 Award.

Syllabus ID: 9.06

Competition: A programme of works by Chopin & a French composer. Time limit for programme - 25 minutes.

Test Pieces 2022

(a) Chopin: any one of the 4 Scherzi Opp. 20, 31, 39 or 54

(b) Any French composer (except Debussy Images performed at Feis 2021)

NB: Competitor must provide a copy of the music for the Adjudicator

Time limit for programme - 25 minutes.

NB: Please ensure that all own choice pieces are submitted at time of entry, as no change of repertoire will be allowed after competition entry deadline.

Entrance Fees: €60.00

Date: 6 April 2022

Time: 11.00am & 2.00pm

Venue: RDS Concert Hall via Anglesea Rd

Adjudicator: Vanessa Latarche

1st Prize: Cup presented by friends and past pupils of the late Miss Elizabeth Huban. Also €1,000 in memory of the late Mr Patrick Brennan.

2nd Prize: €100 presented anonymously.

Feis Ceoil, Ireland's largest classical music competition. Supported by the RDS ©2022